CHARISMARTIN International Schools (CMIS) is a coeducational boarding and day school for school age children. At CMIS, we are very keen on outstanding academic performance and social development of our students. Our curriculum is tailored to ensure every student gets the best out of their school years.

CMIS is located in a very serene, friendly and luxury environment with little or no distractions to students' learning and development process.We pride ourselves in the academic excellence, genuine modesty, discipline and strong sense of purpose exhibited by many students who have passed through our school. We believe every child is unique and has strengths, potentials, abilities and interests that must be nurtured for a great and meaningful future. Therfore, our processes, procedures and policies are guided to bring out the best in every child enrolled into our school.

Beyond academics, CMIS also integrates Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) which is an integral part of national economic development strategy, so that our students will inculcate values that enhance success in entrepreneurship, promote self employment opportunities and the rapid development of our dear country. Our main focus for students' develoment are in the areas of Academic excellence, Leadership, Career development and Social confidence.